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What do you want from a phone … the ability to make calls over the Internet or a standard phone line? Flexible performance as a PBX or Key system? Portability between home, office and remote sites? Whatever you need, Allworx IP phones connect you to the world.


  • Tetcom keeps your network running smoothly with expert cabling and fiber optic installation and service.


  • Tetcom Services is a leading provider of voice, data, video and unified communication networks throughout Southeastern Michigan.


  • Tetcom service experts have years of experience - on the job, 'real world' experience - an invaluable asset that makes them autonomous decision

Allworx Phones — Key Advantages

Allworx phones are the most feature-rich, flexible, easy-to-use phones on the market. We’re not just making broad claims — there truly are some key features of Allworx phones that will provide significant benefits to your business which are not available from lesser competitive offers.

Easiest phone to use!

  • Engineered for ease of useEven though they are feature-rich, the Allworx phones
    are specially engineered to be easy to use.
  • Specific features easier to useFeatures such as conference calling or voicemail are
    directly accessible through dedicated buttons.
  • No programming requiredAllworx phones are truly plug-and-play. No programming
    is necessary by the user.
  • Easy remote set upIf you take the phone to a remote location, all the functions
    and buttons stay the same — no reprogramming needed —
    it’s as if you were in the office.


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PRECISION, EXPERTISE, SPEED AND SKILL It's what you expect of today's telephone, voicemail and computer network professionals.


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Tetcom has it all and more: we can put together a smooth-running, reliable system that is not only simple and affordable to use today, but also has the sophistication and expandability you'll want tomorrow. We install, train your staff, maintain existing systems, integrate them with new systems, and be ready to expand your systems when your business grows.


Installation & Services

Tetcom sells and services most telephones and systems. Simple or complex, new or old, we install, maintain and repair so your business is always up and running. We're here to help you get the most out of your telecom budget.

Voicemail Paging

Tetcom has easy-to-use and affordable voicemail, paging and info-on-hold systems that improve your customer service experience and streamline your operations. We also sell and recommend local and long distance telephone service.

Computer Network

Tetcom keeps your network running smoothly with expert cabling and fiber optic installation and service. Make high speed communications work for you with systems to distribute and manage digital assets.

Your IT Infrastructure Is Our Priority!